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BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Test

This broadband Performance Tester allows you to test the performance of your broadband connection. It can also be used in conjunction with other test tools by your Broadband Provider to diagnose issues with your broadband service.

Before you start?

Your broadband speed can be affected by different factors including; the technology used to deliver it to your premises, the type of connection you use to connect your device e.g. PC, laptop, smartphone etc. and the type/model of modem/router/hub.

Sometimes the most basic things can fix your problem. If you are experiencing performance issues with your Broadband service it's always worth trying the following before launching into a full on diagnostic and faulting process:-
1. Restart your browser and clear cache.
2. Reboot your modem/router/hub by powering it off, waiting one minute, and then powering it up again. Wait for any status lights on the router to stabilise before starting the test.

To get the best from the test please check;

1. The device you are running the test from is connected to the broadband line to be tested.
2. Your device is directly connected to your modem/router via an Ethernet Connection (i.e. not via a wireless device or powerline adapter) this will provide a more accurate test. Results can vary if you use a Wireless/Wi-Fi connection.
3. Close any programs that may be running on your device, including any background programs such as anti-virus software, corporate VPNs, peer2peer clients etc. (Please do re-enable any anti-virus software after you have finished testing).
4. Ensure no one else is using the Broadband service while you are running the test. Other people/devices e.g. TV set-top boxes, Internet of Things (IOT) devices can disrupt the test.

And finally;

1. It can take up to 10 days from set-up of a new service or following a DLM Reset for your broadband line to train up to its full speed. Do bear in mind that any speed test during this period may not reflect the true long-term speed of your Broadband.
2. This tool should not be used to test 500Mb/1000Mb product speeds. Line test results for lines above 330Mb cannot be verified and no further web based diagnostics will be available.

Please confirm that you have carried out the above checks. The speed test may report inaccurate results if you fail to, or are not aware of the tools Limitations:

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